human mankind is standing now at the abyss

We humans are now at the abyss

Now is the time to change our way of thinking and understanding We humans like to think that we can change our path to extinction if we are facing the abyss and therefore feel forced to do so. Well, the following summary of our problems will let you come too to the conclusion that we are at this point now. And this overview might be … Continue reading We humans are now at the abyss

poverty and stress causes brain reduction

Evidences of direct damages to humans done by the monetary system and stress

Information type: empirical knowledge (scientific proven) Poverty and stress reduces the size of the brain, starting before birth The following report about the studies of the impact of poverty on children of different levels of our society delivers the proof that the monetary system has a direct impact on the development of a human being. We can learn from these studies that the consequences of … Continue reading Evidences of direct damages to humans done by the monetary system and stress

freedom from oppression

Peegel Information – Call for rebellion

Welcome to Peegel Information – PI We are calling for rebellion against the current systems we humans have built Maybe you are familiar with Star Wars. Some of us grew up with this story. The story of Star Wars is the conflict between a dark force and a good force. The dark force is interested only in power over all life forms. The good force … Continue reading Peegel Information – Call for rebellion


Ghostery 8, the most advanced privacy tool in the world!

Browse Smarter with Ghostery 8 Source: What’s new in Ghostery 8? Enhanced Antitracking Enhanced Adblocking Smart Blocking Simplified Setup Simple View New Default Settings Expanded Detail View Snooze feature for Pause New Dashboards (coming soon) More Powerful Ghostery 8 is the first tool in the world that combines the best of blocklist and AI-powered antitracking technologies. Our new Enhanced Antitracking Protection uses a heuristic approach … Continue reading Ghostery 8, the most advanced privacy tool in the world!


The structure of mankind

The current structure of human mankind is based on 4 groups The age of human mankind existence ranges from 200´000 years to 7.2 million years. During this time, we experienced a number of changes that happened to our species. We all look different. There are not two humans which are 100% identical. Something is always different. Comparing to the different look, it is rather difficult … Continue reading The structure of mankind

secure all your passwords with lastpass

Check your account and your passwords

Secure your passwords with the right tools News about data breaches are the perfect reason to clean up something you have left out of sight for probably a while already, although it is something that can be resolved so very easily.   Secure easily all your passwords on all your devices with 2 steps Step 1 – check, whether your email address has … Continue reading Check your account and your passwords

AI Robots are taking over your job

Will Artificial Intelligence and Robots take over your job?

AI will take over your job – much sooner than you are thinking Source: Tech & Fluff Many believe we stand on the brink of a fourth industrial revolution- a technological revolution that will fundamentally change the way we live, work, and relate to one another. With the rise of artificial intelligence, the fear of robots replacing jobs is very real– Experts predict many existing jobs … Continue reading Will Artificial Intelligence and Robots take over your job?

Finland's 100th anniversary

Finland’s 100th anniversary

Does Finland really have democracy, equality, freedom of speech? Some points of the current problems of Finland Ageing population in Finland While young people have a hard time finding jobs, the government tries to extend working careers and keep older people longer in the working life. At the moment, the Finnish society is moving too fast. The political leaders cannot keep up with this pace, … Continue reading Finland’s 100th anniversary

drones with AI are killing humans precisely

AI in autonomous weapons like drones

You know drones – you want to get killed by one of them? Slaughterbots It is obvious for which primary purpose this type of drone has been created: to kill. Therefore, it is no wonder that the main group with the biggest interest is the military. As we have explained in our article Our current mindset is to destroy, we are not allowed to build … Continue reading AI in autonomous weapons like drones