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Welcome to Peegel

No games. No lies. Only the truth.

We deeply believe that the true development of the species of the humans can not be achieved by technology, it can only be achieved by us humans. We refuse to merge technology with nature like people like Elon Musk are proposing to do to be able to keep pace with the artificial intelligence technology. Humans have to stay humans! No enhancements and no replacement!

We have to understand the value of life and learn from our numerous mistakes by sticking unconditionally to the truth. We are strongly convinced that the most important in the universe is Life and Knowledge.

Some of the articles published here in Peegel Information are not written by ourselves. It is about collecting the most important information and collect it on one central point. This way, all the single pieces can be seen in a complete picture. That is the picture we can find in the mirror (peegel) of human mankind.

Peegel is calling you to send in the truth

We are inviting all individuals, all hackers, all activists, to send in uncovered information, which is revealing the truth that is affecting us all.

Thank you for participating in improving humanity.

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