AI With Human-Level Intelligence Will Be Walking the Streets by 2040


According to expert Ben Ross, human-level AI is something that we will see in our lifetime, and we’d better be prepared for it — because whether it will be a force of good or destruction is actually in our hands.

What happens when computers achieve a human level of artificial intelligence (AI)?

Ben Ross, MYOB’s User Experience and Product Management leader, believes that because of advances in hardware and software, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. As a tech enthusiast, Ross is passionate about the potential of automation and AI. He cites Moore’s Law as a way to illustrate the advances in the field, wherein the computing power of machines double every twelve months — a fact that has held true over the last 50 years.

That said, if we average expert predictions, we will reach human-level AI by 2040, and we will achieve super intelligent AI by 2060.

“Even if it takes twice as long — it’s going to happen in yours and my lifetime. This is a thing for our generation,” says Ross in his TED talk. “AI is a pretty powerful thing to contend with. So what sort of future might we have if we have to contend against powerful computers?”

It could be awesome, but it could also be apocalyptically bad.

“We’re at this great point in time where human-level AI is still 25 years away. So we have time to make sure that we guide its pathway forward — ensuring a great outcome instead of bad,” he adds.

Ross expounds further on the importance of having guidelines in place given that we’re at the cusp of an AI revolution in his full TED talk:



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One thought on “AI With Human-Level Intelligence Will Be Walking the Streets by 2040

  1. There is something about predictions we would like to point on: So far, all the latest predictions about computer technology, machine learning and AI happened in 1/3 or even in 1/4 of the time period they were predicted.

    So, if we divide this prediction of 23 years, we would suggest being prepared to see walking robots with human-level intelligence AI in about 6-8 years from now. That would mean 2023 – 2025.

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