Alarming Artificial Intelligence – The A.I. documentary

Summary about this documentary

A.I. serves only the industry and the military. A.I. is only about jobs and war. Whoever has the data, has the power – Google, Amazon, IBM and others.

Young people are the most affected people.

Source: Mad Hatter Documents

Artificial Intelligence in Law – meet Ailira

Ailira is an artificial intelligence that uses natural language processing to provide free legal information on a broad range of legal issues, including Business Structuring, Wills and Estate Planning and much more coming soon! In addition, you can use Ailira to instantly generate Australian legal documents for your business and personal use, much cheaper and faster than a visit to a lawyer would take.

About Ailira


Ailira is an artificially intelligent legal assistant that is here to help you with your legal problems. You chat with her just as you a human lawyer. You can ask her questions, and she may ask you questions back to help guide you to helpful legal information. She can help you create documents, and if need be speak with a human lawyer to review those documents and information provided to you

Is this legal advice?

Robots like Ailira aren’t able to offer legal advice…yet. But she is able to offer you helpful legal information, and can also help you have a human lawyer give legal advice – in a much more efficient and cost-effective manner

What types of legal information can Ailira help me with?

Ailira can help with business structuring and Wills and estate planning. She is learning more aspects of law all the time, including assisting victims of domestic violence. If you are a tax professional Ailira is able to assist with tax research. Ailira is also able to assist with some general legal queries, but she is still learning, so please be patient.

Should I use an Instant Legal Document Form or Discuss with Ailira?

Ailira can help you create legal documents, or you are able to use the forms on the website – whichever is easiest for you. If you have any questions as you go along – just ask Ailira for help!


IBM Watson gives promises even in the medical sector

The selling sentences are about that the replaced doctors and clinicians have more time for the personal contact with the patient.

Remembering that most of the diseases are caused by ourselves, our technological development and our produced goods and our polluted environment.

Similar sentences are about the replacement of drivers – “…you can sell other services like tax declarations and others to the customer while the vehicle is driving autonomous…”

Could a robot do your job?

New data from research house AlphaBeta provides the answer. Search to find your job.

Find out here:


Artificial Intelligence does not care about humans, it only cares about data and algorithms. A.I. has no ethical values or ethical scales as we the producer of A.I. do not follow any established ethical values. Therefore, Artificial Intelligence deletes the factor human.

We have no idea about the scale of impact and we are not prepared at all for this.

The future is the result of the decisions we do today. Do you really want an A.I. future?

Threat level:
Artificial Intelligence is an existential threat to all life forms




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