we humans destroy - we are not qualified to create

Our current mindset is to destroy

And we are now building AI that is more powerful than we are

Worldwide, the three interest groups are working with a high level of energy and by putting in millions of Dollars on the creation of artificial intelligence AI. These three groups and their motives are

science – want to use the capacity for further studies
military – want to build the perfect robot soldier
technicians – want to build it, because they think it is the next logical step after creating computers.

But what did these three groups build so far?

science – built the atomic bomb and the nuclear weapons
military – brought and brings nothing else than death and destruction
technicians – are thinking only in short-term solutions and how to make money by creating technology with low-level quality parts, so that consumers are forced to buy new technology every 6-12 month.

The country leaders are for once united in the opinion, that whoever first can build AI will rule the world. The idea of losing even a little bit of power gives all of them terrifying nightmares. Interestingly, the more intelligent people from various interest groups are ringing the alarm bell with very clear words. Everybody is listening to them, but nobody is reacting. There are plenty of talks and discussions, if AI can be controlled and who will control it. The question is since a long time not anymore if AI will come or not, the question is only now who will create it first. Everybody can not wait to send out the first message “yes, we did it!”.

What have we done so far? Nothing else than destruction!

Up until now, the same three interest groups have been working together. The scientists, the military and the technicians. Here are the results at the current stage:

Plastic pollution

The total mass of floating plastic debris in the world’s oceans is estimated to be 5.25 trillion pieces, weighing 593 million pounds.

Of all the plastic found in the oceans, 92 percent are micro-plastics – tiny pieces about the size of fish food.

In 5 different ocean regions, the North Pacific had nearly one-third of the worlds plastic pollution, with 192.8 million pounds.
This is the large part due to the prevalence of the fishing industry in this area, which leaves behind nets, gear, buoys and other terms.

As much as 8 million tonnes of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year, endangering marine life and, if it enters the food chain, endangering humans too.

Source: http://globalsistersreport.org

List of ongoing armed conflicts – War

22 conflicts around the globe that threaten to erupt into a major military standoff. The global economic costs of insecurity generated by conflicts amount to an estimated $400 billion each year.

We are poisoning our air, our water and our land

“Only after the last tree has been cut down. Only after the last river has been poisoned. Only after the last fish has been caught. Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.”

We are polluting our seas with waste and plastic. We are cutting the rainforest for planting palm trees. We are dumping insane amounts of waste on our land.
At the same time, we can read how AI will boost Ireland’s GDP by €48 Billion by 2030. Sophia the robot gets the citizenship of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, the UK Budget courts tech sector with $663 Million in investments in AI, 5G networks and more.

At the same time, we are moving with a similar high speed to the population number of 8 Billion people on this planet earth. One of many consequences of this population increase will be, that we run out of natural resources in about only 17 years from now on. We will have not enough water and food to give to each human anymore.

We all are intentionally ignoring the warnings from people like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking and many others. As if we are seeking distinction of our own species, which clearly indicates that we know, what is the true source of all our problems: WE HUMANS.

All this is reflecting our current mindset of destruction

We are not at all on the stage where we are allowed to build something like a new intelligence. As we are clearly proving each and every day, how much destruction we are causing, we are far away from being qualified to create. We are highly qualified to destroy.

Do we need money for living? No, we don’t.
Do we need to be manipulated by fear, violence and untrue information? No, we don’t.
Do we need the resources that are available on our planet? Yes, we do.
Do we need a clean environment for living? Yes, we do.
Do we need an artificial intelligence to understand that? No, we don’t.

What do we need to do urgently? What are the solutions?

  1. Accept these related facts WE have caused
  2. Release all the knowledge – true information – about environmentally friendly technology for the complete society of human mankind. This will make it impossible for the small group of humans who are using money as the instrument of control to continue to control anything anymore.
  3. Create and establish the resource-based economy with the help of the true information – knowledge – worldwide.
  4. Using our great human intelligence instead of some kind of artificial intelligence until we have performed the first 3 steps and truly established the correct natural values we humans can live accordingly.


Artificial Intelligence AI is classified as existential threat.

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