Max Tegmark – Humanity and risk management

If we would give a grade to humanity for how we are doing in risk management so far,
Professor Max Tegmark would give us a D-

We think, that this is very kind. We would give a F

Here are is a table about academic grades for a better understanding:

[hide]German Grade System
Percentage Grades by education Descriptor Approximate Conversion
(varies with school/subject) primary & 1st secondary
(1st–10th grade)
2nd secondary
(Gymnasium, 11–12/13th grade)
(to the U.S. system*)
90–100 1 15 points 1.0 “sehr gut” (very good: an outstanding achievement) A+ or A
14 points
1− 13 points 1.3
80–90 2+ 12 points 1.7 “gut” (good: an achievement which lies substantially above average requirements) A or A-
2 11 points 2.0
2− 10 points 2.3
65–80 3+ 9 points 2.7 “befriedigend” (satisfactory: an achievement which corresponds to average requirements) B+
3 8 points 3.0 B
3− 7 points 3.3 B−
50–65 4+ 6 points 3.7 “ausreichend” (sufficient: an achievement which still meets the requirements) C+
4 5 points 4.0 C
0–50 4− 4 points 5.0 “mangelhaft” / “nicht ausreichend” (below the requirements but some rudimentary knowledge can be recognised) C-
5+ 3 points D
5 2 points
5− 1 point
6 0 points “ungenügend” (insufficient / failed: an achievement which does not meet the requirements. Not even rudimentary knowledge can be recognised) F

*This conversion scheme is intended as a guideline, as exact conversions may differ.

Source of the table: Wikipedia

We believe, that the situation of facing the biggest threat of mankind is at the same time the biggest chance to come together for the very first time and decide united about the future of our all lives. This is what we have to do now. Everything else is not relevant now. We have not only the responsibility for our species, we also have the responsibility about what we are doing for the whole universe. And this time there is no space for failures. Try and error is not an option this time!

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Please, join the conversation. It concerns us all, not just some of us. All of us. All life forms.

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