Meet Amelia – the digital employee which is going to replace you

Amelia is a cognitive agent who can take on a wide variety of service desk roles and transform the customer experience. Just like a human she communicates with customers using natural language.

Much like industrial machines transformed agriculture and manufacturing, cognitive technologies will drive the next evolution of the global workforce. Their impact in the workforce will be felt globally and at a more accelerated pace than any previous shifts in technology-led change.

Amelia is a cognitive agent

ready to join your team today, allowing you to introduce new service-rich experiences for customers at scale.

Amelia can automate any process within your business

From helping customers open new bank accounts to processing insurance claims and registering patients for hospital entry, Amelia has countless potential industry applications.

Your IT Service Desk Agent

More than 80% of IT Service desk costs are personnel costs. Changing the ratio between your ability to support surging demand and the cost of expanding the size of the team is a game-changing move in IT productivity.

Amelia keeps learning and improving

No matter the role she is in, Amelia quickly learns about your business and quickly becomes one of your team’s highest performers providing valuable support for customers and human coworkers.

Transform your customer experience

Unlike other AIs, Amelia emulates human intelligence making her capable of completely natural interaction with people. She can understand human language, learn through observation and determine what actions to take in order to fulfil a request or solve a problem.

Reliable 24/7 all year long

Connects at an emotional level

Works along human colleagues






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