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Advances in computer science and engineering have lifted animatronic lovers from the realms of science fiction to reality; the first models are due to go on sale by the end of the year. Jenny Kleeman meets the men who are making the sex robots, the customers who want to buy them – and the critics who say they are dangerous.

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/video/2017/apr/27/rise-of-the-sex-robots-video



3 thoughts on “Rise of the sex robots – video – theguardian.com

  1. We believe, that the building of sex robots, even if the basic intention might have been good, will increase the disrespect for women and it will also strongly bad influence our sensitive understand for a human being.

    Therefore, we recommend stopping all kind of these projects immediately. This is not the correct way to solve the understand we humans have to learn to have for each other.

    Our label for this technology: NOT CORRECT – PROHIBITED

  2. The direction which the mankind is going forward now was unfortunately predicted and described well enough in the variety of sci-fi books.
    I’m afraid, this is a possible scenario, when people of the future start interacting with robots more and more, developing relations and feelings.
    I would say, the topic wouldn’t be so actual if we nowadays didn’t feel more lonely, isolated and disconnected with each other.
    In the video, it’s visible, that the question of companionship comes first, and this is the predictable result of the hi-tech era which created these type of machines and AI which eventually turned out to be more entertaining than real people.
    People have an emotional side, but robots don’t, which seems to be alluring, thus enable us not to deal with any manifestations of human beings’ feelings. That’s the easier way for many people, turn on-turn off mode. No stress. And all that provides the demand:(

    1. Hello Daria, thank you very much for your great comment. We appreciate your participation on Glasnost369.

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