Steve Jobs Predicts The Future of Computers (edited)

This video shows perfectly a few things about quite a few aspects of the reasons for building computers, the needs for computers as well as the interaction of humans with each other.
The people you can see in this video are showing some of the best parts of us humans – respect, thankfulness, sarcasm, humour and most of all: appreciation.

These are the skills that we all have. At no point in time, we are allowed to forget them or to suppress them. These skills are, what makes us humans so much sympathetic and lovable.
All we need to think again about is, how we are going to use the technology that we have built and we are going to build correctly. We have to learn from the experiences we gained so far. We will probably not come into the position that we can ask Aristotle again for his opinion. But we can definitely learn from his guidelines and learn for our future.

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