Nick Bostrom RSA Conference 2016

The Dark Side of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Super intelligence

Information delay of about 12-14 month in the internet

The video below from the RSA Conference 2016 is showing a presentation from Nick Bostrom. What is remarkable for us to see is, that this video has only lately been uploaded – published on May 31, 2017.

If the highly important information is getting delayed by this time scale, it strongly indicates that something wants to be covered and not revealed at the time it actually happens. In other words: we are getting the old information now so that there is more time to cover the real actual information. As AI is classified as an existential threat, we are worried about the current information which is hidden to view for the public. This is not the first and only example we are experiencing.

So here is the presentation for you to enjoy (33:28):

Published on May 31, 2017

The transition to the AI and machine intelligence era is likely to have profound consequences for human society. Nick Bostrom will discuss some of the distinctive safety concerns that arise when we consider the possibility of superintelligent AI and some of the recent work that has been done to develop better models for thinking about these matters, such as autonomous weapons, new cyber security, immoral AI, manipulative AI.

Nick Bostrom
Professor, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford, Director, Future of Humanity Institute


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