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The life of a rat and what AI is really built for

You are living in a prison

A prison you can not see, smell or touch. But it is there. All the time. From your birth till your death. You built it, you want it and you are protecting its existence. You are thinking that you are free but this is an illusion. As long as you are believing in this illusion, you are not questioning the prison you are living in.

The higher the number of prisoners becomes, the less value your single existence becomes. Each prisoner has needs he wishes to fulfil. Even if these needs are getting served to a certain extent, it doesn’t change the basic situation of being a prisoner in a prison.

As an employee

Running in a hamster wheel for at least 8 hours per day with constantly increasing performance and speed to generate more profit for the employing company.

Companies profits are generated by selling products and services.

As a consumer

After been running in the wheel for several hours for one company, you are now buying the products and services from other companies.
You are working for one company but you consume from several. For your personal life as well as for your family.

Donator to the Governments

You are paying quite many taxes: income taxes, property taxes, taxes on products and services, fees and penalties for government services;

As a matter of fact, governments are serving companies interests. The official version “to serve the public” means nothing more than keeping you well enough for being a good employee in one of these companies.

Donator of your life

The Police service and most of all the military services are demanding nothing less than your life. Both of these services are tools to serve the interests of large enterprises.

Asking some questions

So, where is all the money going?
To the owners of large enterprises.

Are any other interests of importance,
like environment, social structures or other life forms?

Products, services and AI

Enterprises are producing products and providing services for everything a human need for living by nature. Plus transport, communication, health treatment, but also social media and technical devices such as mobile phones and AI.

AI is never supposed to have a humanitarian purpose, it is only for generating profit. The replacement of humans does not limit this main interest in any way.

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