What is one robot with artificial intelligence and what are many of them?

What are we creating?

We would like to think about it, what we are doing in this moment of time and what might be the result of our work. At this stage, we are putting a lot of efforts into the production of robots and quite the same amount of efforts we are putting into the development of artificial intelligence AI. We are very much driven to achieve both goals in a rather short manner of time. The exponential fast development in both sectors is clearly confirming this.

Let’s presume, that we will achieve to build a robot and that we will develop an artificial intelligence and we will combine these two things. We are creating a robot with artificial intelligence. What are we going to do next? Do we have a longer conversation with this one intelligent robot in which we fetch in all our biggest questions and problems, hoping that this new form of intelligence will give us the answers and solutions within several minutes?

So far, we have created and invented many things. Some of them were very good, some of them were very much stupid. But so far, we have never created something non-humanoid with an own intelligence. Therefore, we are asking, what exactly are we going to create?

What is required for sentience?

Intelligence learn, understand, cope with new situations
Self-awareness   conscious of your existence and your actions
Consciousness aware of yourself and your ego

How many of these robots with artificial intelligence are we going to produce?

Hundreds? Thousands? or even more?
What are the main duties, these intelligent robots are supposed to do? For what are we going to use the robots mainly?

What could happen to the communication with the robots?

Which purpose of the new technology are we focusing on?

4 thoughts on “What is one robot with artificial intelligence and what are many of them?

  1. There is no real purpose to create robots that think other than to improve technology so the next grant can be gotten. However, once invented, those with vast amounts of wealth will create robotic barriers with those they do not wish to interact with, and, the robots will also generate wealth by doing tasks that used to be done by humans. Robots build Robots that do the work of humans so the wealthy can stay wealthy.

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