Who is controlling who

If anyone still believes that we have the information technology under control…

…than this person is still believing in the easter bunny.

The amount of information we are currently collecting about each and every human is quite big. But with implementing IOT – Internet of things we are going to collect exabytes of data and beyond. Should this be bothering you in any way?

Well, it is up to you personally if you want to allow, that each and every move you are doing is registered and stored in huge databases and can be analysed with the help of algorithms. As a possible result of this analytics, you will get more specific offers which suit perfectly your profile. The general coverage of this process is communicated with messages that are informing you, that the service provider wants to optimise his customer service and is kindly requesting the allowance from you to collect the data. That is the best case scenario. In most cases, you will not see such a message while the data collecting is already installed and up and running, without your specific allowance.

What does data collection mean?

Data collection means observation. Data analytics means to understand the profile – strong points and weak points. Using algorithms means to predict, what are the next steps of the observed profile.

The complete process – observation, understanding and predicting – means: controlling.

So, the question what you have to answer for yourself is:
Do you want that the easter bunny is controlling you?

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