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Can we humans live without money and without a monetary system? Yes.

We can live without money without falling into chaos

First of all, we have to remember, that WE humans created the monetary system. Therefore, WE can change or take away this system at any moment.

Money is not a natural resource. It is not created by nature and has certainly nothing to do with nature. Money is an instrument, created by a group of humans, who had such a narrow thinking as it was the focus at their time only on money and they were fully afraid to lose anything of their property or their money.

This small group of humans were afraid about any kind of thoughts or thinking, that includes a different way of living and different values than they had. This fear was so big, that these humans were using all their money to influence other humans in such a way, that the others become also afraid and did what these few humans were telling them. What they did is MANIPULATION of other humans to sue their own fears and to keep their possibility of being able at any time to manipulate other humans with money as their tool.

Definitions of manipulation

Crowd manipulation is the intentional use of techniques based on the principles of crowd psychology to engage, control, or influence the desires of a crowd in order to direct its behaviour toward a specific action. This practice is common to religion, politics and business and can facilitate the approval or disapproval or indifference to a person, policy, or product.

Psychological manipulation is a type of social influence that aims to change the behaviour or perception of others through abusive, deceptive, or underhanded tactics. By advancing the interests of the manipulator, often at another’s expense, such methods could be considered exploitative, abusive, devious, and deceptive.

Why did humans accept this manipulation?

We, humans, are all born in a free nature. Somehow, we are fascinating creations. In some ways, we are very strong. In other ways, we are very weak. This combination makes it difficult to understand us, humans. But unfortunately, it makes us also vulnerable and easy to manipulate.

Fear, violence and untrue information

The three techniques for manipulating humans are fear, violence and giving untrue information.

FEAR if you don’t work and behave along the monetary system,
you will have no possibility to live
you are by nature alive
and you have by nature
the right for living
VIOLENCE war, torture, punishment military the human behaviour interacts
directly with the environment he is living in.
no one human is bad by nature.
no information, misleading information,
no education, keeping back true
information, covering true information
secret services
the further development of
human mankind is directly
dependent on the truth and
on true information.

The longer we wait for the change, the bigger the extinction of humans can become

Aristotle, Willhelm Weitling, Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jacque Fresco, Peter Joseph

In the last few centuries, there were many humans, who reviewed the development of human mankind. They recognised, that the current path is leading to unpleasant results for mankind. Their intentions have been to inform the society of humans about that and to make them aware of it. Additionally to that, they also worked out possible solutions, each based on their current time and state of technology.

Meet the family:

Name Lifetime Solution

results for mankind
Aristotle 384 bc –
322 bc
Nicomachean Ethics development of human
mankind in a bad direction
Willhelm Weitling October 5, 1808 – January 25, 1871 Die Menschheit – wie sie ist und wie sie sein sollte development of human
mankind in a bad direction /
providing a full plan of structure for the future of the society of human mankind


Karl Marx 5 May 1818 – 14 March 1883 The communist manifesto development of human
mankind in a bad direction
Friedrich Nietzsche 15 October 1844 – 25 August 1900 New Values development of human
mankind in a bad direction
Jacque Fresco 13 March 1916 – 18 May 2017 Looking Forward (1969),

The Best That Money Can’t Buy (2002)

development of human
mankind in a bad direction /
providing a full plan of structure for the future of the society of human mankind
Peter Joseph  1979 born The Zeitgeist Movement  development of human
mankind in a bad direction /
providing a full plan of structure for the future of the society of human mankind

The central intention of the work of these humans is to educate and inform other humans with true information. They have recognised, that the path of the human society is leading into a bad way not only for humanity, also for nature and the whole planet with all life forms on it.

The current threat of extinction of human mankind – A.I.

We have now the year 2017. Our knowledge about technology has moved forward quite good. Humans have changed from hunters and gatherers to factory workers to computer workers till today modern network workers.

This development has also changed our behaviour regarding our population. Due to our learnings, we became very much arrogant against the rest of nature. We gain strongly the impression, that the resources would be endless and that the damages to the environment we are causing are not feel-able.

In demographics, the world population is the total number of humans currently living. The world population was estimated to have reached 7.6 billion as of October 2017. The United Nations estimates it will further increase to 11.2 billion by the year 2100.

Because of these huge numbers, we have demand for huge computer capacity

But are we developing it for the good or the bad?

We are thinking currently, that we can handle the consequences of these developments only with a higher computer capacity which is capable to work with high numbers and high amount of data. We are also thinking, that humans can not handle this data volume any more and that we are supposed to give some kind of intelligence to the computer systems, so that they are capable to do this work for us. We call it “Artificial Intelligence”, or in short A.I. This artificial intelligence is correctly classified by us humans as EXISTENTIAL THREAT.

Why? The so-called experts for A.I. are very much afraid that this new created intelligence will be not aligned with our goals and values. This fear is absolutely correct. Simply to the two facts that we don’t have any correct values established to which we are living accordingly and because we let the above mentioned small group of humans create and implement the instrument for the manipulation (fear, violence, untrue information) of the society of human mankind.

For the reason of the arrogance, which we learned about above, we don’t think that we humans should urgently, actually since long time ago, reduce our development of population.

This arrogance causes as well all the damages to the planet we are living on. We didn’t find a report which is listing all the damages WE are causing. The following graphic is from the article from TheGuardian we have found.

It is quite possible, that this artificial intelligence we are working on with such a high level of effort will understand these related events and causes and will determined that the source of them is the society of human mankind – WE.

WE can do better

Do we need money for living? No, we don’t.

Do we need to be manipulated by fear, violence and untrue information? No, we don’t.

Do we need the resources that are available on our planet? Yes, we do.

Do we need a clean environment for living? Yes, we do.

Do we need an artificial intelligence to understand that? No, we don’t.

We all are different and still we are all the same. We are the same species. Therefore, we all have the same needs. So, we need each and one of us humans, as each individual has by nature specific skills and talents. We need people who can bake bread the same much as we need the people who can create shoes. We need people who can program the calculations for the resource-based economy the same much as we need the teachers, who can teach other humans in the methodology of science, so that they can become the full members of the society. We need the people who are concerned about cleaning the same much like the ones who are reviewing the course, human mankind is doing. We need each and every good idea, no matter from which human it comes, to prevent of falling into any of the old patterns and to continue the great development we are capable of by working together as one united society of human mankind.


What do we have to do?

Die Namen Republik und Konstitution,
So schön sie sind, genügen nicht allein;
Das arme Volk hat nichts im Magen,
Nichts auf dem Leib und muß sich immer plagen;
Drum muß die nächste Revolution,
Soll sie verbessern, eine soziale sein.
The names republic and constitution,
as beautiful as they are, are not enough;
The poor people have nothing in the stomach,
nothing on the body and must always plague;
Therefore, the next revolution,
should it be to the better, has to be social.
Willhelm Weitling
October 5, 1808 – January 25, 1871

Accept these related facts WE have caused

Release all the knowledges – true information – about environmental friendly technology for the complete society of human mankind.

This will make it impossible for the small group of humans who are using money as the instrument of control to continue to control anything any more.

Create and establish the resource-based economy with the help of the true information – knowledge – worldwide.

Using our great human intelligence instead of some kind of artificial intelligence until we have performed the first 3 steps and truly established the correct natural values we humans can live accordingly.


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