Our current marketing situation

Just to be clear: the bottom line is that without the removal of socio-economic inequality, meaning the various levels of inequity we see both, domestically and internationally, as linked to economic roots, there’s a serious need for concern about what the future holds.

There is a strong public health argument against the mechanisms of our society that create this destructive and balanced, namely the market system of economics. A system that is also leading to the destruction of our habitat, due to its archaic basis in cyclical consumption perpetuating a built-in incentive to create waste, inspire more purchases to create more jobs. And when you step back and take all this in, you realize that an economy powered by consumerism, which is what it is, is in fact not an economy at all.

A real economy by definition is about the strategic and efficient use of materials and means to preserve sustainability in the process of meeting human needs. Currently, our system does the opposite: not only inspiring vast wealth imbalance, limiting human population today in the context of relative and absolute poverty, but also in the sense that the entire system is really backwards in terms of extended sustainability and effectively earthly economic goals.

They complete a mission from all economic textbooks and it’s worth pointing out that this seed of unsustainability really wasn’t easy to recognize:
Centuries ago, as the process and means of production was quite manual and arduous, but since the Industrial Revolution and the introduction of mechanization and increased production, the tables have turned.

What was once an agrarian economy that worked to meet core needs of a scarce society, generating jobs to facilitate those needs, has transformed into an economy that has become so productive, that our sense of social inclusion must now be manipulated by marketing and advertising. Producing a neurotic and satiable and materialistic culture seeking to buy, own and accumulate simply for the sake of buying, owning and accumulating.

It can simply not be tolerated, that people have to search in the waste boxes for bottles to return, just to make some small money to be able to buy at least something to eat for the day, while at the very same time for technological and military operations funds of billions available are. As long as only one person is feeling forced for begging or looking into waste for living, the whole human mankind has drastically failed and cannot be excused by whatsoever!

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