the complete testimony about mankind

Everything about the society of the humans at the current stage

The complete journey of human mankind from once upon a time till today

Watch our testimony in 1:45 hour

Invest 1 hour 45 minutes to learn the unfiltered truth about us. WE have created what WE are and what WE are doing today.

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WE can do better

Do we need money for living? No, we don’t.

Do we need to be manipulated by fear, violence and untrue information? No, we don’t.

Do we need the resources that are available on our planet? Yes, we do.

Do we need a clean environment for living? Yes, we do.

Do we need an artificial intelligence to understand that? No, we don’t.

What do we have to do?

Die Namen Republik und Konstitution,
So schön sie sind, genügen nicht allein;
Das arme Volk hat nichts im Magen,
Nichts auf dem Leib und muß sich immer plagen;
Drum muß die nächste Revolution,
Soll sie verbessern, eine soziale sein.
The names republic and constitution,
as beautiful as they are, are not enough;
The poor people have nothing in the stomach,
nothing on the body and must always plague;
Therefore, the next revolution,
should it be to the better, has to be social.
Willhelm Weitling
October 5, 1808 – January 25, 1871
  1. Accept these related facts WE have caused
  2. Release all the knowledges – true information – about environmental friendly technology for the complete society of human mankind.
  3. This will make it impossible for the small group of humans who are using money as the instrument of control to continue to control anything any more.
  4. Create and establish the resource-based economy with the help of the true information – knowledge – worldwide.
  5. Using our great human intelligence instead of some kind of artificial intelligence until we have performed the first 3 steps and truly established the correct natural values we humans can live accordingly.


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