Definition of freedom

Liberty, in philosophy, involves free will as contrasted with determinism.

Generally, liberty is distinctly differentiated from freedom in that freedom is primarily, if not exclusively, the ability to do as one wills and what one has the power to do; whereas liberty concerns the absence of arbitrary restraints and takes into account the rights of all involved. As such, the exercise of liberty is subject to capability and limited by the rights of others.

Freedom is the very basic condition for the 7 causalities of life. As wonderful the first idea of freedom is, it reveals to be slightly more complex than one might think. As the definition of freedom indicates, it gives you the right to do whatever you feel like as long as you don’t collide with the space of someone else’s freedom. Another question you have to answer is: what are you going to do with the given freedom? Well, somehow you can not do nothing. As we humans are dependent on some needs like food, water, shelter and security, we are by this nature forced to do something so that we are able to serve these needs.

Imagine, you would be set out on a planet which is quite similar to the earth. You will find land masses on it, huge water areas, clean air, different weather conditions and also changes in the seasons. What would you do? What would you have to do? Very much likely, you start thinking about three of the needs first – shelter, food and water (situation/problem). You might feel an unpleasant feeling in your stomach area. This means you are hungry. What are you going to do to still this need? You will have to find something that you can eat. It has to be something that is at least somehow eatable, therefore the taste is a factor, and it should take away the feeling of hunger. It would be also good if this what you are eating does not make you feel worse than before or even terminates your life in the worst case.

For serving the need of thirst, you think, that the water which is available in such high quantity around the world will be an endless resource (first hypothesis). A first taste of the big sea will teach you, that this water does not taste very much pleasant and you feel afterwards not very much better (test the first hypothesis). The feeling of thirst is still there (experience). You will have to try the water that you can find from smaller resources (revision of the first hypothesis). You will look for a river or a lake (research). By trying this water, you will understand two things. First, this water tastes better and second, it makes you feel better (analytics). These kind of resources are better usable for serving the need of thirst (solution – empirical knowledge).

During the coming next few days, you are going to repeat this learning process again and again. With each day, that goes by, the number of questions is getting slowly reduced and the amount of information is raising. Parallel to that, your constant feeling of fear is going to be felt less strong as it was in the beginning. The whole process is going to be repeated and extended constantly as new circumstances occur and situations are changing as well constantly. You might call this process surviving, but actually, it is way much more than that. You are progressing. You are developing. You are improving. You have used the freedom that has been given to you for winning knowledge and for further developing of your existence. As a reward, you became able to serve the basic needs of your nature. By serving these needs, you also could reduce the feeling of fear. In total, you could reach a situation of comfort for yourself.

Nobody was there, that showed you anything of this knowledge that you gained. You did this all by yourself. It is possible, that some of the experiences you made were not so much pleasant. Nevertheless, you have won knowledge also from these. At this stage, you are allowed to feel happy with yourself.

As your first day on the planet goes towards a more darker period and you also feel tiredness, you will be looking for a place to lie down and sleep. Your senses and your instinct will suggest you also to look for your security so that you can continue to exist. You can feel a constant fear. In such a situation, it is perfectly normal to have this persistent feeling of fear. But what is the source of this fear? It is not the fact that you are alive. Also not the place you are located, as everything you can see is impressively beautiful. So, what is it really that makes you feel afraid? The unknown. The lack of information.

In our new situation, we are experiencing fear due to the fact that we have a very high number of questions, comparing to the very small number of information we have gained after a first day being on the new planet. The more days are passing by, the more experiences we are having, the more knowledge we are gaining, the more pleasant we are feeling with ourselves and with the situations we are in.
So, freedom itself can cause fear in the beginning. Only by adding knowledge, freedom becomes something very precious and also something to feel comfortable to be living in. This mechanism is essential for life. And it doesn’t matter for which life form, this mechanism stays the same.

It is rather easy to understand, that once you are aware of this mechanism, you can conclude the consequences of the same:

freedom + experiences/knowledge = pleasant

freedom – experiences/knowledge = unpleasant

There is another important thing, which we have to be constantly aware of. In general, it does not make any difference, if the won knowledge is coming from your own experiences or from the experiences from another human being. As long as the basic circumstances (the situation and the conditions) are the same for this particular experience. The criterium is, that the knowledge has to be valid – the information has to be true.
If the information is not valid, is not true, the consequences can be very fatal. Fatal for one human as well as for many humans. In the worst case for the whole society of human mankind.

Are we humans living currently in freedom? No, we are not. Why? Because, on a certain point in the development of our species, we were not using valid information anymore. Maybe, we became tired of validating the information. Maybe, we thought, because we have gained so many information so far, that all new information will be automatically valid as well. Most probably is the reason for this bad development, that we started to feel so much pleasant, that we stopped to think critically. While the knowledge we have won has given us a feeling of comfort for our living, we were falling that much into this comfort, that we did not think in a complex form anymore. We stopped thinking about the consequences of our decisions, both, in short term and in long-term. And we completely stopped to think about the responsibility. Freedom is directly connected to responsibility. To ignore this fact will lead unconditionally to destruction.

What happened to us, humans?

Well, some humans became well aware of this mechanism of freedom. Some humans lived according to this mechanism and continued to search for more knowledge. Others did understand the mechanism also. But they started to use it to manipulate other humans around them for their own bigger comfort. You see, it takes courage to move forward in freedom and perform experiences. As not all experiences can be pleasant. Some experiences can be connected to pain or to fear. Living in freedom also requests braveness and strength. You need to be brave to move in freedom, you need to be courage to face the results of experiences. You need even more courage if you decide to face all the experiences alone. This is, of course, a decision that each human has to do for himself. But, why should one human want to take the complete risk of experiencing bad or painful results, if he could learn these results from another human who has performed these already? Why should one human use his strength to solve one problem again, that has been resolved already by another human? This would mean, that 2 humans are performing the same experience, investing the same strength and courage for gaining the same result. Any information needs to be validated only once for its truth. Is the information validated, it becomes valid for all humans.

Freedom also includes the freedom of choice. It gives each and any human the freedom to choose, whether he wants to perform experiences and learn the knowledge that had been won from the experiences of others, or if he wants to stop thinking by himself and stop learning. In that case, he is accepting any given information as valid, without requesting to learn about the process that has created the information. As we have learned, invalid information is leading to destruction. Stop thinking and learning means unconditionally the end of freedom. The life of any human that chooses to stop thinking and to stop learning turns into an existence. He is alive, but he is not living any more and he is not living in freedom any more.

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