from human to human

From human to human

peegel informationHi, my name is Dimitri, I am the owner of Peegel Information, a blog page which is providing articles about Life and Knowledge as well as articles that are reflecting our way of living in general.

The current direction in the development of the society of mankind has raised the urgency of distributing certain kind of information.

artificial intelligence, machine learning, big dataIn this moment are many industrialised nations like China, USA, UK, some European countries, military organisations and other corporates very much focused on the development of Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning and Big data.

The amount of resources that many companies and governments are investing in terms of capital and human resources is incredible. Almost every day are a high number of discussions on Ted and other places happening about these topics.

Some of the main questions are concerning the alignment of the goals of AI; who is in control of AI; what are we humans doing if AI surpasses the intelligence of the humans and how can we assure that the results of AI stay positive.

The opinions about AI are quite diverse, while there seems to be found a common sense when it comes to the quality of the results of AI. The probability, that AI will do everything better than we humans are doing, is very high.

machines replacing humansAs the corporations have only one goal – do more with less – they will do everything they possibly can, to replace the human labour with machines. The expected global unemployment rate caused by AI is up to 50% within the next 30 years or faster. This is called “technological unemployment”

Nations like China, Russia and of course the United States are long ago in an arms race. “The one nation that will create and control AI first will be the leading nation in the world”, are the commonly used sentences.

Albert Einstein InsanityAs the definition of insanity goes: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results; We are showing exactly this pattern once again.

For example, we can look at the process of the development of the atomic power. Scientists were hunted by the question if they can do it. The army put in the needed resources and so it became reality.

But what were the results of this achievement? Electricity? I would title this more a side-effect. The main use of this technology was and still is, to use it in the fight one nation against another.

As a result of this thinking and behaving, we experienced death and destruction on all levels. Till today are more than 16000 nuclear weapons worldwide still existing and only a push of a button away from being launched.

Can we find the same patterns in other areas? What about the development of weapons? or the creation of vehicles like cars and airplanes? or a more modern example is the information technology.

We have built it, the main using groups were the military and the corporates, and at this point, everything got out of control. The results were always the same: discrimination of the society, arms-race between the nations and from these patterns came scarcity, the destruction of the natural resources and the neglecting of humans and life forms in general.

We don’t need to use any machine learning algorithm or artificial intelligence to predict, based on the patterns of the past, what will be the most probable outcome this time.

Albert Einstein solving problemsTo prevent the repetition of this pattern and the destructive results from them, we are strongly recommending to perform now a fundamental change of thinking.

Since more than 100 years now we are following the wrong values, the wrong guidelines and the wrong patterns. We have adjusted to those in order to survive.

But this doesn’t mean, that we are doing good. We understand the development of human mankind as failed, as long as one human is still forced to search in the waste bin for a bottle to return to get 20 cents for his daily surviving. While the military industry is using a budget of more than 600 Billion Dollars per year.

pyramid of capitalist systemWhich brings us to the next source of our global failing: the monetary system. While money is not a natural resource and has nothing to do with life, it is dictating everything and deciding over life and death. We are explaining the monetary system in the articles on and you can watch the presentations from Peter Joseph on youtube.

Money is the most life hostile element that has been ever created in first place. As long as we are using something like money, we will never be able to perform the change we humans are needed urgently to do, in order to stay alive on this planet.

Brilliant people like Jacque Fresco and Peter Joseph have long ago developed the working blueprints for a fully resource-based economy that allows humans to build a life in abundance without money.

Peter Josephthe new human rights movementWe strongly recommend to watch and listen to the presentations from Peter Joseph. Visit at this point the websites of The New Human Rights Movement and the Zeitgeist Movement. You can find the links to the most important ones in the section below.

human population growthThere is another factor that influences the behaviour of us humans directly. Its the fact of overpopulation. We are currently 7.5 Billion humans on this planet. While we should be maximum 4 Billion in order to be in balance with the available resources the earth can provide for each human. Actually, the earth’s resources are enough to sustain only about 2 billion people at a European standard of living.

One-child-policyWe want to be clear that we are not talking about killing 3.5 Billion humans. We are simply aligned with the calculations of the World Population Balance Organisation , which is calculating a reduction to 6 Billion humans within 3-5 years with the immediate activation of the one-child-policy worldwide.

While there are still rather sparsely populated countries, looking at local circumstances is not the correct way to judge this issue. What we now need to incorporate on all levels of our thinking, as well as in our actions, is the global view and the understanding that we are one species.

We like to summarise:

The governments of the major countries, as well as the corporations, are thinking that the current developments of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data are more important than anything else. They are wrong. It is the other way around. These are the least important things.

In fact, although we might be able to create this technology, following the patterns of the past, we would be very good advised of not creating it.

We have collected enough experiences and knowledge about the consequences of the establishment of a monetary system. To stop the destructions on all levels, we have to stop this system, the sooner the better.

resource-based economyThere is no need to be afraid of stopping the monetary system, as we have clear blueprints for the resource-based economy in place. It will take us about 10 years for changing to the new system. While we will reach in 17 years from now the point of no return and run out of natural resources globally by keeping the current systems.

We have to activate immediately the one-child-policy worldwide. The destructive consequences of our current overpopulation of 3.5 Billion humans are too big and therefore no longer acceptable.

Why are we convinced that we are capable of this change?

We humans have by nature the skill to wish to be good at what we are doing. Once we are doing something good, we have the natural desire to become better in it. We have proven countless times how much capable we are in building solutions. Just so far, we did our great work for the wrong system.
If we can be so very good for the wrong system, we will be absolutely great for the right system.

something is wrongWe are convinced that many people if not understand but clearly feel that something about our current way of living is terribly wrong. Maybe the general question is, what needs to be done to do it better. Well, we have the knowledge now of the wrong system and we have the knowledge about the life-friendly system of the resource-based economy. We also know how long it takes to perform the change.

We recommend urgently, based on all these reasons, that we all as one species of humans are doing the change now. We have to put the value of life above everything else and use our human intelligence more than any technology.

There is one last thing:

we work to better ourselves and the rest of humanityWe clearly refuse to change anything in the human body just for the purpose to keep up with the technology we should not build in first place. We don’t need any Neuralinks, no chip implants or cyborg technology.

We are completely convinced, that we humans are good as we are by nature. Yes, we all have to work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity. But we don’t need to alter the human being in any way. What we need to do is to change our thinking and our way of living.

Thank you for your attention.

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