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Introduction to the 7 causalities of life

The 7 Causalities of life

Philosophers until now have only interpreted the world in various ways.
The point, however, is to change it.

Karl Marx

We have learned quite a lot during the last centuries or even year thousands. Starting with Aristotle around 350 before Christ birth, continue with Wilhelm Weitling, Karl Marx and Friedrich Nietzsche, coming to the present time age with Jacque Fresco and Peter Joseph. These thinkers were reviewing the development and behaviour of the society of the human. Instead of just simply accepting without asking the steps we humans performed, they were taking a step outside of the inner circle and were looking the whole scenarios while fundamental questioning the development and using critical thinking for the analytics.

This critical reviewing of the current development is essentially necessary for a continuous improvement. It is also important to detect possible bad developments and make it therefore possible to correct them. Additionally, this type of self-criticism and self-questioning are the sensors of a living intelligence. It is also one element of the seven causalties, which are:

Time, Love, Death, Life, Knowledge 1), Truth 2) and Freedom

1) Knowledge will be gained with the help of a methodology we call “the scientific method”.

2) Immanuel Kant, a German philosopher who is a central figure in modern philosophy, lived around 1800, defined the 4 types of information. With the help of these information types, we can distinguish between a wrong information and a correct one.

In this book, I am describing my conclusions I have won during the life I could have so far, including the observations, researches and learnings I performed in this life.
I am explaining each of the 7 casualties itself as well as how they are related to each other.

I am adding definitions, which I mostly find in Wikipedia, the global encyclopedia, to some words or things. I do not intend so much to repeat other people sentences, as I prefer to stay with knowledge and the truth. Sometimes thou, there are sentences from others which I understand more as a message and not just as a statement. Like the one at the very beginning of this summary. It is perfectly true and absolutely correct and well enough to interpret the world. As the results from these interpretations also made Karl Marx feel like we have to change the world, it is now the time to do so.

If we continue to work with such a high effort on the creation of artificial intelligence as we are currently doing, we will face soon the most dangerous threat in the history of mankind and actually all life forms on this planet and possibly later also on other planets.
Additionally to this threat, we are continuing to grow in our population on this planet. Due to our self-trained ignorance and totally incorrect arrogance against all other life forms, we are using already now more from our planet resources than there are available and with a constant higher speed, so that we would need already now about 1.5 earth of resources by the end of July of the current year.

The results of researches which are done by organisations like WWF are stating, that somewhere around 2050, we, the society of human mankind, will be running out of the planet resources. By this time, we will have not enough water and food for each human living on this planet. Comparing the growth rate of our population with the time frame we are performing it, and while keeping in mind, that we humans also like to camouflage the truth constantly, I would not be surprised, if we might experience the end of the resources available for all humans on this planet somewhere around the year 2035. This would mean in about 17 years from now.


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