You dont know what you will find when you go down the rabbit hole

Used especially in the phrase going down the rabbit hole or falling down the rabbit hole, a rabbit hole is a metaphor for something that transports someone into a wonderfully (or troublingly) surreal state or situation.

A wonderfully (or troublingly) surreal state or situation

What does this mean? It means nothing else than the unknown. Any state or situation you are in can be wonderful or basically pleasant or it can be troublingly or basically difficult. The reason for that is simply this, that we haven’t experienced the unknown so far. And due to this fact, we are not familiar with the situation or the state. Many people got scared by that.

When you are scared about something you are not familiar with, something that is unknown to you, you have basically two options available:
Option 1: you can refuse the unknown and hide from it
Option 2: you can start to investigate the unknown, gain knowledge about it, and decide then whether it is a pleasant or an unpleasant state.

Every rabbit is digging a rabbit hole

Rabbits are very simple and careful lifeforms. It seems, their main guidance to react to any unknown situation suggests first to run away and to bring oneself to safety and examine from there the situation to gain a better understanding of it.
The rabbit hole these lifeforms are digging is very much necessary for them as it covers most of their needs for life. A fully developed rabbit hole fulfils the following purposes:

  • Shelter /protection
  • Home
  • Food and reserve chamber
  • Family place
  • Physical activity

Do these purposes sound familiar to you? I would think they do as they are covering the exact same requirements for a home we humans also have.

When a rabbit starts digging his new home, the rabbit hole, it does not know in advance what kind of soil it will hit. The possibility is very high that the rabbit will need to change the original building plan it had in mind after meeting the first obstacle during the digging.
From the surface above you can not determine the structure of the rabbit hole. All you can see is the entrance hole. Each and every rabbit is building its very own and individual rabbit hole, based on his personality and on the soil texture.

Imagine, you would be a rabbit

Let’s think for a moment that you are a rabbit. You are coming to a forest you have never been before. You are not familiar with the area and you have no idea how many other rabbits are living here and what other lifeforms might be around. What you do have are the needs and your paws with claws for digging. That’s what you’ve got. So, what do you gonna do? You will do the best you can and start digging a new home for yourself and your family. Remember: you don’t know what you will find. You will find yourself in a wonderfully (or troublingly) surreal state or situation.

Everything is a rabbit hole

Each and every situation in life is a rabbit hole. Everything you are doing is a rabbit hole. Therefore it is important for us humans to have the correct tools (guidelines) with us in order to be prepared for anything we will encounter during the diggings:

Drink fresh and clear water

Eat if ever possible things that have to be grown above the earth (plant-based nutrition)

Avoid if ever possible to eat meat

Keep the values LIFE and KNOWLEDGE always as your highest ones

Always protect LIFE and KNOWLEDGE – do not let them become compromised

Respect the older ones – as they gained more knowledge from experiences then you as a young one

Do not kill

Do not commit adultery

Do not steal

Do not bear false witness against anyone – always follow the truth and only the truth

Do not covet anyone’s goods – possession of goods is not relevant

you have to learn.
you have to experience.
you have to reflect.
you have to create.

all this has to be in accordance
with your skills and your capabilities
and everything you do has to follow
life-friendly and life protecting guidelines (values).


One last thing: True knowledge can only be gained by experience.

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