What is the true source of our problems?

What we have to look for

In the world today, there are countless well-intentioned people and activist, organizations making a lot of noise about the rampant problems and injustices in our world. But, unfortunately, as you tend to find very few offer any real tangible, long-term solutions. Those that do offer solutions however almost universally frame those solutions within the pre-existing social establishment.

Their tactics tend to involve new legislation and of course, they always demand ethics and accountability. The very little regard is given to the root structure of our system. Battling and protesting corporate organizations, corrupt corporate organizations, and seeking money from society in an attempt to curtail such trends is a typical path that has taken. It is a very respectable path in general. However, it is not going to create long-term change.

When it comes to social corruption, poverty, environmental disregard, human exploitation and most personal and social turmoil in the world today, the great realization is that most of these problems are not the result of a particular company, some nefarious elite group or some government legislation. These are symptoms of the foundational problem.

The real issue is human behaviour.

And human behaviour is largely created and reinforced by the social patterns required for survival as necessitated by the social system of that period in time.

We are products of our society. And the fact of the matter is, it is the very foundation of our socio-economic system, and hence our environmental condition, which has created the sick cultural climate that you see around you.

Very rarely do any activist organizations today consider the possibility, that maybe it is the social system itself that is the problem.

What can we do now?

The bottom line is, that we can spend the rest of our existences attempting to stomp on the ants that mysteriously wander out from underneath our refrigerator, setting traps or laws. Or we can get rid of the spoiled food behind it which is causing the infestation to begin with: ourselves.

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