Finland – Taxes and tax-like payments

Which taxes are to pay in Finland?

Shortly, there are
– State income tax, which is progressive.

– Communal income tax, which is not progressive, but since there is limit under which you don’t have to pay anything, it has slight progressive component

– Other tax-like payments that follow the way communal taxes are determined. These include social security payment, membership taxes of the biggest churches etc.

– Property taxes.

– Gift and inheritance taxes (depend on your relationship with the giver).

And, of course, the indirect taxes like value-added tax, electricity tax, gas tax etc.


Home owner & family House, you own the lot:

When you buy the house, you will pay varainsiirtovero ( transfer tax) as the buyer. This depends if you are a First buyer ( ensiasunnonostaja) which means that you dont need to pay transfer tax.

Kiinteistövero ( Estate tax 4%) which you pay yearly, if you own the Estate

When you sell the House, you will pay Sales tax for the profit.

Taxes and tax-like payments, totals by Tax category, Sector, Data and Year

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Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 16.39.32

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