Humanity’s unmastered tasks

Humanity’s unmastered tasks

Protecting life in all its forms

Sharing true knowledge globally

Establishing an education system which starts first by examining the individual skills and capabilities and teaches new humans in all life relevant aspects including the further development of the individual skills.

Monitoring the population of humans in relation to the earth resources

Understand correctly the position of the humans within nature

Establishing equality among all humans

Finding and using new energy resources without any harm nor to life nor to the planet

Building homes for humans in the correct size, with the correct materials and with the correct layout

Building cities with the correct layout with the correct supply system and waste management

Establishing and environmentally friendly fully end to end engineering

Establishing the correct waste management globally

Understand and establish complete medical examination and measuring methods

Building fully end to end life and environmentally friendly transport vehicles and systems

Learning from the mistakes done in the past

Reviewing the mindset as an individual as well as the society of humans

Establishing a free and open communication system globally


The resource-based economy as a very good possible solution

Description of the resource based economy

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