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In Europe, all the key positions are appointed not elected

The truth about what is happening in Europe

Watch at least until 3:14

Extract from the transcript about Europe

but first, those fighting NATO nation neoliberalism
were to be on the streets of Rome today
to protest what they see is the death of
democracy in Europe the electorally
successful five star movement let alone
its far-right allies just didn’t won to
de facto EU appointed IMF man to be
Prime Minister of Italy nor in other
words what’s happened in Europe in the
past 10 or 20 years is just astonishing
I mean even the Wall Street Journal is
astonished they pointed out recently in
an article that which is correct but in
Europe no matter what government is
elected you know far left far right
anything else they follow exactly the
same policies Nigel Farage saw that and
so from the left did the mentor of UK
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in Europe
all the key positions are appointed not
elected the Commission for example all
appointed not one of them elected and
the way that Europe has developed is
that the bankers and the multinational
corporations have got very powerful
positions and if you come in on their
terms they will tell you what you can
and cannot do and that is unacceptable
ideas that were today supposed
to be given voice on the streets of the
Eternal City but Italy which will be the
third largest economy in the EU after
brexit has long been targeted for not
being in line with Washington in 1990
the EU parliament debated NATO
collaboration with armed groups to
define democracy as former FBI
consultant Paul Williams told Sean stone
son of film director Oliver about
Operation Gladio on RT is watching the
Hawks during glory or won the years of
lead in Italy when there were these
horrific bombings even the Bologna
bombing positive Fantana they were all
done by really the stay behind units at
Gladio units spurred on by the CIA well
of destabilization of Italy is open to
the debate no one need debate how a
particular Italian American actress
destabilized the arguable propaganda arm
of the US military industrial complex

Source: https://youtu.be/XjkJO2OEKzU

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