the pyramid of capitalist system

The monetary system

Description of the monetary system Let’s examine one of the oldest established orders still in use today: the monetary system. When we say the monetary system, we don’t mean native monetary policy, interest rates, the fractional reserve policy, central banks or any other component attribute. We refer to the absolute foundation of the concept, being a system of incentive acquisition and exchange. Let’s ask the … Continue reading The monetary system

What is the true source of our problems?

What we have to look for In the world today, there are countless well-intentioned people and activist, organizations making a lot of noise about the rampant problems and injustices in our world. But, unfortunately, as you tend to find very few offer any real tangible, long-term solutions. Those that do offer solutions however almost universally frame those solutions within the pre-existing social establishment. Their tactics … Continue reading What is the true source of our problems?

Our current marketing situation

Just to be clear: the bottom line is that without the removal of socio-economic inequality, meaning the various levels of inequity we see both, domestically and internationally, as linked to economic roots, there’s a serious need for concern about what the future holds. There is a strong public health argument against the mechanisms of our society that create this destructive and balanced, namely the market … Continue reading Our current marketing situation

The Fundamental Root Cause – Money

Modern money mechanics A number of years ago, the central bank of the United States, the Federal Reserve, produced a document entitled: “Modern Money Mechanics“. This publication detailed the institutionalized practice of money creation as utilized by the Federal Reserve and the web of global commercial banks it supports. On the opening page, the document states its objective: “the purpose of this booklet is to … Continue reading The Fundamental Root Cause – Money

Description of the resource based economy

Our goal: Maximum Sustainability Let’s imagine for a moment we had the option to redesign human civilisation from the ground up. What if, hypothetically speaking, we discovered an exact replica of the planet Earth and the only difference between this new planet and our current one is that human evolution had not occurred. It was an open palette, no countries, no cities, no pollution, no … Continue reading Description of the resource based economy

earth - our home

The cancer has already cancer – and now we are creating A.I. to solve what exactly?

Metastatic cancer For cancer cells to spread to other parts of the body, they have to go through many changes: They have to be able to break away from the original (primary) tumour and get into the bloodstream or lymph system, which can carry them to another part of the body. Truth “To say of what is that it is not, or of what is … Continue reading The cancer has already cancer – and now we are creating A.I. to solve what exactly?

Alarming Artificial Intelligence – The A.I. documentary

Summary about this documentary A.I. serves only the industry and the military. A.I. is only about jobs and war. Whoever has the data, has the power – Google, Amazon, IBM and others. Young people are the most affected people. Source: Mad Hatter Documents Artificial Intelligence in Law – meet Ailira Ailira is an artificial intelligence that uses natural language processing to provide free legal information on a … Continue reading Alarming Artificial Intelligence – The A.I. documentary

Thousands of Deutsche Bank employees will be replaced by robots

Key information from this article: Technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and automation software is taking over many repetitive tasks at businesses, with the financial services sector leading the charge. A report from financial services management consultancy Opimas predicted that discounting acquisitions of start-ups, finance firms in the investment sector would spend $1.5bn on robotic process automation, machine learning, deep learning and cognitive analytics in … Continue reading Thousands of Deutsche Bank employees will be replaced by robots

AI and the Future of Ethics

As soon as it works, no one calls it AI anymore. – John McCarthy As research into artificial intelligence grows, AI is becoming increasingly prevalent in our daily lives. But can we control it? If AI commits a crime, can we punish it? In this piece, we will explore these questions and the ethical systems that are likely to increase our chances of building benevolent AI. But … Continue reading AI and the Future of Ethics

Be careful what you wish for

If you get things that you desire, there may be unforeseen and unpleasant consequences. This is not always true, but it is always to consider. Really always. We understand this sentence in a more wider range. We humans have this wonderful gift of imagination. We can imagine and dream about things in such a detailed level, thus nothing of it is yet existing. Now that … Continue reading Be careful what you wish for