The testimony one human creates about himself becomes the testimony for the whole humanity.

Daily tasks for a human

10-15 minutes high speed training (Tabata or similar) 10-15 minutes reading from paper (Books or similar) or play a game of Chess 10-15 minutes spending in pure nature 10-15 minutes reflecting about existing processes 30 minutes no activity (doing nothing) 30 minutes building something or planning or researching 30 minutes sunshine or sunlight lamp 2-5 minutes looking up to the sky (2:35) Drink fresh and … Continue reading Daily tasks for a human

from human to human

From human to human

Hi, my name is Dimitri, I am the owner of Peegel Information, a blog page which is providing articles about Life and Knowledge as well as articles that are reflecting our way of living in general. The current direction in the development of the society of mankind has raised the urgency of distributing certain kind of information. In this moment are many industrialised nations like … Continue reading From human to human

definition insanity by Albert Einstein

Doing more and faster in shorter time has nothing to do with innovation

Definition of insanity You might have heard about the definition of insanity from Albert Einstein: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results Well, sometimes, it is not so obvious and therefore not so easy to detect what we are doing over and over again. In our case, we humans did ever since the same type of mistake: we have always … Continue reading Doing more and faster in shorter time has nothing to do with innovation