10 million euro

I give you 10 million Euro and you will turn into a selfish and ignorant prick

How having money will change your personality

Imagine, you will be rich from now to immediately

Presuming that you are an average worker from the so-called middle class. From Monday to Friday, you are waking up early in the morning, let’s say around 6.00, start working around 8.00 o’clock, keep working ’till 17.00 o’clock, coming home again at about 18.00, having training class at 18.30 until 19.30, going home, having dinner, watching some tv and go to bed at 21.30.

Your annual salary on this level of the working society is about 50’000 Euro (about 4’100 Euro per month). As a remark here, I’d like to mention that the average annual salary for the same person in Estonia is about 14’400 Euro (about 1’200 Euro per month).

I give you, now, 10 million Euro with one bank transfer to your bank account

What will change now in your life with this new wealth?

As your situation in life has now fundamentally changed – you are now not a middle-class person anymore, rather you belong now to the wealthy fortuned people – there are also coming some changes along with it. Why? Let’s look at what has changed:

  • You are earning 50’000 Euro per year without doing anything with a calculated low-interest rate at only 0.5%.
  • You don’t need to calculate what you can afford for your living anymore, you are rather looking for, what do you want to have.
  • You start to feel uncomfortable in public transport and in the 2nd class in trains and airplanes.
  • As your interests start to change, it becomes more and more difficult to continue common conversations with your current friends and families.
  • Your understanding of the daily problems in the life of an average middle-class human is changing in many ways.
  • In order to preserve your free won comfortable situation in life, your primary interest is it now to look for any suitable ways and investments to maximise the profit and with that to extend your wealth.
  • As a consequence of the aim to extend your wealth, other interests in life are becoming more and more a lower priority.
  • The more weight the extension of your wealth becomes, the less approachable you become for other people around you to speak about anything else.
  • You will read further in this article that wealthy people are thinking that they deserve this wealth and so will you think about it very soon, no matter where your wealth is actually coming from. You understand your comfortable situation as perfectly correct and undiscussable.
  • The longer you are getting used to your new comfortable lifestyle, the lower your opinion about other people, including the middle-class people you are coming from, will get. In the beginning, you will keep these opinions for yourself, but quite soon, you will not see any reason why you should keep back with these.
  • All these changes will ultimately lead to the final stage of your conversion from middle-class to wealthy that you will start to feel irritated by other humans who are not at least at the same level as you are, until you finally will think rather badly about those who are lower than you and feel even discussed by them. Almost like some people are disgust by rats.

Let’s have a look at all these disgusting middle-class and low-class people

What are the interests of an average middle-class person? A house, a car, maybe a second car and a nice bike – all of it is now very much easily affordable for you. You can go shopping now, just a little bit different than before. And as you are not limited anymore, you can choose whatever you like, not what you might can get a loan or a mortgage for.

What else are they looking for? Having a job. But with that comes also the desire or the need to be good in the job, simply due to the reason that this brings the monthly salary, the vacation days and with a little bit luck the bonus at some time during the year. What for do you need this? Right, for the house, the car, maybe the second car and the nice bike. And if you will have a family, you will need to pay for even more things and obligations.

In other words: you need to work in a job for the period of one year to be able to have all the things you need for living and to be able to fulfil the obligations you signed up for. This is the main concern of the majority of people in the middle class. It’s a never-ending hamster wheel that starts each month from the beginning.

Is any of this interesting to you anymore?

Why should it be? You have 10’000’000 Euro on your account which is generating additional 50’000 Euro each year without doing anything. So, you can easily organise all the things you need for your life within a few months. While your time is not occupied anymore by a long-hour job in which you need to work for the profit of someone else and swallow stress and humiliations just for the sake of keeping the same job.

Let’s summarize a little bit:

  • You don’t need a job any more to generate any income.
  • You don’t need to swallow long office hours, stress and humiliations.
  • You can easily go and buy anything you need for having a normal good life.
  • You are getting the average annual salary of a middle-class worker added to your account by doing nothing.
  • The usual problems you had in your life have vanished.
  • The usual limitations for your life have vanished,
  • so that you can fully concentrate on investing your money in enterprises that are making big profits.

All this happens with the simple transaction of 10 million Euro to your bank account. Little by little, your understanding and your respect for people in the middle-class would become less. Simply, because you feel clear and without any doubt that you deserve this wealth. You don’t need to apologize for anything – why should you?

After a while, your basic understanding of yourself will change to a general view of “me” and “them”. The “me” stand for yourself having wealth and the “them” stands for anyone who does not have at least the same wealth as you. And the more this self-understanding becomes established, the bigger the distance to “them” will become until this distance becomes complete ignorance.

What, if…

After having read this scenario of becoming rich from now to immediately with only 10 million Euro, what do you think would happen if I would give you 50 million Euro? or 100 million Euro? or 1 billion Euro? Would you prefer to spend most of your time with other people or would it be more interesting for you to follow successful companies, especially as this also guarantees the increase of your wealth and with that the maintaining and insurance of your new life in wealth?

What, if I told you, that for all the rich people in the world, YOU are the rat? Would that surprise you in any way any more?

… then, why do you think that any of these companies would care about you?

In the 32nd annual Forbes list of the world’s billionaires, the gap between the top one per cent and the rest of the billionaires continued to widen with the 20 richest people on the planet worth $1.2 trillion that amounts to 13 percent of all billionaires’ fortunes combined.

No. Name Net worth (USD)(March 2018)[14] Age Nationality Source(s) of wealth
Increase Jeff Bezos $112 billion Increase 54  United States Amazon
Decrease Bill Gates $90 billion Increase 62  United States Microsoft
Decrease Warren Buffett $84 billion Increase 87  United States Berkshire Hathaway
Increase Bernard Arnault $72 billion Increase 69  France LVMH
Steady Mark Zuckerberg $71 billion Increase 33  United States Facebook
Decrease Amancio Ortega $70 billion Decrease 81  Spain InditexZara
Decrease Carlos Slim $67.1 billion Increase 78  Mexico América MóvilGrupo Carso
Steady Charles Koch $60 billion Increase 82  United States Koch Industries
Steady David Koch $60 billion Increase 77  United States Koch Industries
10 Decrease Larry Ellison $58.5 billion Increase 73  United States Oracle Corporation

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_World%27s_Billionaires

The Rothschild Family, Germany
Estimated Net Worth: $350 billion – $2 trillion


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